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Tuesday , October 3 2023

Daily Security Update

Daily Cybersecurity Update, September 25, 2023

The rising number of attacks targeting cryptocurrency businesses underscores the urgent requirement for enhanced security measures. Once, Mixin suffered a devastating loss of assets amounting to $200 million when it fell victim to a cyberattack targeting its cloud service provider. National Student Clearinghouse recently experienced a troubling data breach that …

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Daily Cybersecurity Update, September 22, 2023

Air Canada recently encountered a data breach that has unfortunately jeopardized the security of a few employees’ personal information. However, it is crucial to highlight that the breach did not in any way compromise the data of esteemed customers or the seamless functionality of flight operations systems. Researchers at Akamai …

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Daily Cybersecurity Update, September 15, 2023

LockBit strikes once more! Two non-profit hospitals in New York have been targeted by a ransomware group, plunging them into a difficult struggle for recovery. The Scattered Spider threat group targeted yet another casino and hotel chain, unleashing a devastating ransomware attack. Caesars Entertainment’s loyalty program database was breached by …

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Daily Cybersecurity Update, September 13, 2023

Numerous thefts of multimillion-dollar proportions continue to haunt the cryptocurrency realm, and the most recent occurrence involves attackers draining tens of millions from numerous wallets linked to CoinEx. There was a coordinated attack on different automaker websites. The attackers managed to collect vehicle IDs and other important car information. They …

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Daily Cybersecurity Update, September 07, 2023

Tenable entered a definitive agreement to acquire cloud security startup Ermetic for $240 million in cash and $25 million in restricted stock and restricted stock units. Malwarebytes Labs spotted a malvertising campaign targeting both Windows and Mac users with a new Atomic Stealer variant. It uses phishing sites and Google …

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Daily Cybersecurity Update, August 03, 2023

CareSource falls victim to Cl0p cyber attack, resulting in alleged leakage of patient data. CareSource, the health insurance company, recently fell victim to a malicious ransomware attack orchestrated by the notorious Cl0p group. As a result, there is a possibility that certain confidential patient data has been compromised and leaked. …

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Daily Cybersecurity update, July 31, 2023

01 The University of Guelph, Canada, is notifying students of a data breach involving personal information accessed through a third-party security company. The breach exposed student IDs, names, and dates of birth. 02 The BAZAN Group, Israel’s largest oil refinery operator, experienced a cyberattack, resulting in the inaccessibility of its …

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Daily Cybersecurity update, July-8, 2023

In the realm of healthcare, an unsettling surge of data breaches has put at risk the privacy and security of numerous patient records. The sensitive information of more than 165,000 patients was compromised in a breach that impacted Henry Ford Health. The Phoenician Medical Center experienced a second breach that …

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Daily Cybersecurity update, July-3, 2023

The ever-increasing influence of Chinese threat actors in the cyber landscape is causing significant concern. As per the latest revelations, a Chinese state-linked group successfully stole data from a U.S. federal agency and targeted several European nations too. Today, we also have a Delaware county facing temporary outages due to …

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Daily Cybersecurity update, July 12, 2023

Once again proving that the educational sector is a favorite target among threat actors, a Michigan community college fell victim to a data breach. The incident possibly exposed the personal information of over 750,000 people. Another day, another government attacked. The Ministry of Digital Transformation in Trinidad and Tobago suffered …

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