Researcher claim bypass Cloudflare Firewall using Cloudflare

Tuesday , October 3 2023


Bypass Cloudflare Firewall and DDoS Protections using Cloudflare

Cloudflare, despite its strong DDoS protection, can still be bypassed by exploiting logic flaws in its firewall demanded by Security researcher Stefan Proksch from Certitude. This allows attackers to perform DDoS attacks on targeted devices. Cloudflare DDoS Protection Bypass Discovered: Security researcher Stefan Proksch from Certitude recently discussed how an …

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Context-sensitive defenses in Sophos Endpoint

Sophos Endpoint uses advanced technologies to protect users and devices. It includes reducing the risk of threats, using deep learning to detect and prevent malware, and providing industry-leading protection against ransomware and exploits. Sophos has developed a new type of protection called context-sensitive defenses. With this feature, Sophos Endpoint adjusts …

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